Mind Over Matter | Remaining Focused On Running A Business

As a business owner do you ever feel overwhelmed? That feeling of always being bogged down in the day to day running of your business? Not to mention family or life in general…

A lot of the time the constant pressures of customers and clients leaves us spending most of the day putting out fires, instead of working on growing and streamlining our businesses. We believe that mind over matter can help us through these phases and enable us to start focusing on the important things.

We need to learn how to work smarter and develop our own personal set of rules. Here are five things you can do to start your journey on clearing the mind and making sense of the madness.

As a business owner you are usually overflowing with excitement and there are a million things to get done. Eventually your energy levels are going to crash. Getting a good deep sleep every night should be essential. When you wake in the morning you need to be ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Sometimes business owners are so focused on reaching their goals that the small things are often forgotten about, including health and well-being. Sitting behind a desk all day is not healthy. Join a gym or participate in a fitness group and get at least half an hour to an hour of physical activity per day. Physical activity releases endorphins which can trigger a positive feeling in the body and energize our outlook on life.

How many of you will spend thousands of dollars on the latest tech gear and cars but when it comes to fitting out your workplace you look for the lowest prices and cheapest option? Having a clean, modern workspace with lots of natural light, quality furniture and an organic layout can help create a pleasant and comfortable place to grow your business, not to mention the affect it has on employee retention.

With technology everywhere these days you can be connected to your business 24/7. While some of these technologies make our lives more convenient, the pressure to be on the clock all the time can start to affect your work/life balance. You need to set limits i.e. turning your phone off at the dinner table and disabling mobile email over the weekends. This will enable you to disengage and recharge, while focusing on other important aspects of your life.

When you are constantly on the go, fast food can be very convenient. Sitting a lot and not eating healthy can result in reduced brain function as well as stacking on a few extra kg’s. Preparing healthy meals in advance is a fantastic way to ensure you still eat healthy while still having a convenient meal or snack in between the multi-tasking.

Let’s be honest we can switch off a machine, we can switch off the phone or email and even leave the office, but it’s really about whether our mind has left work and switched off as it’s where we are mentally that matters. Everyone has trains of thought running thought their mind, though unfortunately they are not limited to business hours, but being mindful enough to choose whether or not you get on that train is the first step in mind over matter.

We conclude by recommending an app we like to use in our office… Headspace. It’s a great mobile application that helps with meditation techniques for mindfulness, stress relief and peace of mind. So if you’ve got 10 minutes per day, go on, try it and start focusing on what matters to you!

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